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Are you a MID-LIFE woman who has tried everything without success to lose weight, have more energy, and simply feel healthy again only to become frustrated by failed diets, risky medications and conventional doctors who just don't "get you"?

Are you ready to FINALLY discover how to lose that stubborn belly fat for good, restore your youthful radiance, and take control of your health...

...WITHOUT diets, drugs and endless doctor visits

It's time to live EACH day with FREEDOM, CONFIDENCE, and long term RADIANT health.....the way our Creator intended!

I'll be your personal guide as you follow my simple step by step process

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Rebuild Your Immune System

Slow Down the Aging Process

Heal Your Gut, Cleanse Your Cells & Reignite Your Metabolism!

You thought that once you reached mid-life, dropping those extra pounds, staying healthy, and having the energy to do all the things you once enjoyed would be as easy as it always was.

Instead, no matter WHAT or HOW MUCH you eat, even healthy foods, it seems your waistline keeps growing, your energy is drained, and those aches and pains just keep getting worse ,

Are you struggling as a mid-life woman, feeling as if you’re living WITHOUT the joy and vitality you know you were created for?

It's Time For A Transformation

Living a life of RADIANT HEALTH FREEDOM ...body, soul and spirit ......can be simpler than you think!

IT IS possible to feel good EVERY day, achieve and maintain your ideal body size and shape in midlife and have the ENERGY to do anything you want without pain or limitation.

I’m the health practitioner and wellness coach you didn’t know you needed.

I’ll tell you what to do and show you, step-by-step, how to stay out of the doctor's office while you get fit, lean, and healthy for good!

I’ve helped multitudes of midlife women learn how to eat the foods they love and still lose weight, restore their youthful energy, and simplify their wellness routines. By taking control of their own health, they now enjoy an active lifestyle doing what they love without relying on doctors who don't understand their struggle.

I'll show you how to discover God’s best version of who He created you to be and experience a simple lifestyle of RADIANT health.

Ephesians 2:10 “ For we are God’s masterpiece.....”

Imagine If.....


You could stop relying on endless diets, dangerous pills, and grueling exercises to reach your health goals AND be confident that you can maintain your results for the long term.


You could confidently travel and attend social events without obsessing over food and actually have fun eating in ways that nourish your body, promote a healthy weight and prevent chronic disease.


You had a simple and sustainable wellness and nutrition plan you could stick to, minimize your supplements, eliminate the need for prescription medications.

AND no longer rely on doctors to "fix" your symptoms

Take the NEXT Step!

Join The Radiant Health Freedom Community For Midlife Women

Get access to a coach that actually "gets you" (that would be me!) and who has been where you are with all of the up-to-date material + insight and know-how. It used to only be available inside my private 1:1 coaching packages.

Until now.

Get personalized, actionable steps you need to be LEAN , FREE and energetic for life!

TOTAL VALUE: $325 for Only $47

  • You will be immediately brought to a diagnostic form to fill in so I can get the full picture of what your concerns are and what you would like help with

  • Once I receive your information and go over it in great detail, I will record and send you a video of me going over everything you need. I will be sharing my screen and will also provide any feedback that is necessary in order for you to have your

    Lean Belly Breakthrough.

  • You will also receive tips on how improve your gut health, boost your metabolism and balance your hormones for lasting weight loss and optimal health.

  • I will include helpful suggestions on lifestyle habits that will enhance your health & weight loss efforts.

  • Think of this as me stopping over for a visit and helping you with your health goals!

Your personal and custom video will be sent to you within 2 business days, so you can start executing the advice I offer you. Easy Peasy!

It’s time…

You know you were made for more.

You know you are ready to be LEAN, RADIANT & FREE!

What My Clients Are Saying

Meet Judy

"My doctor started using scary words with me that I did not want to hear! I started learning more about nutrition and started eating real and less processed food. I have learned so much from Margie about how my relationship with food was keeping me stuck, how to start healing my gut, and listened to God's plan for my health. I'm loving the resulting weight loss, but this is about improving my health. We are not as "stuck" as we think we are. If I can do this, then I know you can do it, too!"

Meet Tammy

"I have suffered with chronic pain and fatigue since my late 20's and have tried so many things to fix it but would always "fall off" my plan. I never really got to the root cause until Margie helped me see the connection between my gut health and all my other symptoms. Because of what I learned about nutrition and lifestyle from being in the Radiant Health Program plus the accountability of other women in our group, I was able to lose weight, reduce my pain, get off my medications and change my mindset about my health! Margie is amazing.. she is a wealth of knowledge and has a heart of gold! I highly recommend you check out her programs."

Meet Dorothy

"I was struggling with unwanted weight gain, high blood pressure, fatigue, indigestion, completely addicted to sugar and desperately looking for help. I feared I was going to be stuck with this forever. After 2 months of working with Margie's program and allowing God to renew my thoughts, I lost 10 pounds, regained my energy and brought my blood pressure back to normal! The wealth of information, group support and Margie's guidance throughout the program were the keys to my success."

I've Got You!

You do not need to stay STUCK any longer.

You can FULLY enjoy your life NOW with energy and vitality and feel CONFIDENT about your future health.

You can discover God’s vision for the healthy lifestyle  you have always desired

I dare you to imagine your life completely different just by working with me. That’s the beauty of coaching.

I’ll be your guide and provide education, support and accountability.

Get ready to enjoy a vibrant and radiant life!

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