Are you about ready to give up on your weight loss efforts because you think its all hormonal and nothing is going to work at this point?

You are NOT alone

It's NOT Your Fault!

I've been there too. But what if I told you that
weight gain, fatigue and other "meno" and post menopausal symptoms
could be be ROOTED in something other than simply your hormones?

It's TRUE... That's is why I created the

3 Step Radiant Health Method for Midlife Women

I’m here to be your trusted mentor and coach. Get ready to unlock the secrets of feeling energetic without medication, lose belly fat without diets, and stay healthy without relying on traditional medicine, as I empower you to take charge and achieve remarkable results.

Join me today and experience the joy of living your life with vibrant energy and radiant health as you follow a simple and proven system that you will love and can stick with for life

My Radiant Health Method combines science based functional medicine strategies, whole food nutrition AND God's Kingdom Health principles.

A winning combination for living with vitality and

Radiant Health during midlife AND beyond!

....the way our Creator intended!

You can end the vicious cycle of yo-yo diets, frustration and confusion

Experience the joy of wearing clothes a size you haven't worn in years and loving the way you feel and look in them

Live with vitality and confidence

knowing you can be disease-free and medication-free for life

Does this sound like you?

You worry about what will happen in the future if you don't start addressing your weight and making some changes to your health NOW

You doubt you can be successful at losing that belly or ever feel good in a swim suit again because you've tried and failed before; you just feel "old" and wonder if you can turn your health around at this point.

You know God has more for you to do in this life chapter but your weight and your health are keeping you "stuck"

You want to improve your health but the only answer your doctor has is "eat less/exercise more", it's "normal at your age" or "take this pill".

It's time to stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to regain your energy, lose that stubborn weight for good, and be FREE to do the things you love without pain and limitation

Hear From My Clients

Meet Debbie

'Before I met Margie I had constant stomach pain regardless of what I tried. Nothing helped. I felt bloated all the time, I had gained weight and just didn't feel good in my clothes. As a grandmother of two little ones, I wanted to be able to play with them without being in pain. I just wanted to feel better!

Margie's program was really about changing our mindset FIRST …then when she taught us how to heal our gut, that's when my weight really began to shift and I started losing inches!

No more bloated feeling …and I’m sleeping SO much better because I no longer have night sweats!! Margie's step by step instructions, our group support and her Kingdom approach was key to my success. I highly recommend Radiant Health Made Simple if you're ready to transform your health

for good!

Meet DeeAnn

'The private coaching with Margie was one part of the Radiant Health program that really helped me. There was always an “a-ha” moment where everything started to make sense.

The group support always made it easier. We encouraged each other and learned from one another ...we were better and stronger together. Margie helped me discover the missing piece to my weight loss puzzle ...I had to get my gut healthy if I was ever going to be able to lose weight for good and be healthy again. There are so many reasons that this 16 week program helped me and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get their health


My Radiant Health Method is Your Solution.......

Beyond Diets, Drugs & Doctors!

We have options for you!

Regardless of the program you choose, we get to the ROOT of your stubborn weight gain, low energy and chronic aches and pains using simple and effective strategies founded on functional medicine, science based  nutrition and faith inspired Kingdom health approaches to healing and longevity.

Experience RADIANT health and learn to love your midlife body without relying on fad diets, traditional medicine or unnecessary medications.

If you like self paced learning then "Radiance Restored" is just what you need.

If you want a bit more "high touch" and customized approach to your health you will want to check out my Signature Program "Radiant Kingdom Health Transformation" with 3 and 6 month options.

is a great place to start. This is a proven 12 week program divided into (3) 30 day segments for achieving your ideal body size and shape so you can look & feel fabulous during this midlife chapter.
(1)The GUT Health Phase (2) CELLULAR Detox Phase (3) Metabolic/HORMONE Balance Phase.


  • Private Membership Portal with self-paced educational modules, recipes, meal prep plans, bonuses, and so much more

  • Gut healing, detox and hormone balancing educational materials

  • Total Gut Health Makeover Modules & Materials

  • Cellular Detox 30 day protocol

  • Hormone Balancing Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies

  • DFY Recipes, Meal plans, Meal prep instructions,

  • Grocery Lists for all 3 Phases

  • Additional bonus materials

  • Access to private FB group for ongoing support and guidance from me and our Radiant Health community

  • Weekly group coaching in private FB group

PLUS Lifetime access so you don’t feel like you’re rushing against time. I got you. Plus:

You will always have the current version. If I update anything - you get it too. No matter when you joined.

That also includes the Facebook group - you have forever access to that too!

I’ll be your cheerleader, your “go to ” gal for support, encouraging you to be the BEST version of who God created you to be, reminding you that you are His MASTERPIECE !!

Looking for a more CUSTOMIZED APPROACH ?

I've Got You Covered!


"Radiant Kingdom Health TRANSFORMATION"

will provide you with exactly that! get to choose the level of support that fits for YOU

  • Gain the confidence you need to move toward

    complete health FREEDOM

    ...from diets, drugs and doctors as you begin to take focused responsibility for your day to day food and lifestyle choices.

  • This program is "high touch" from me with personal assessments, discounted labs and supplements along with weekly group coaching and private consults .

  • It even includes a consult with a Certified personal trainer and a Christian Healing Coach to help you when you are "stuck" .

  • My proven 3 Step ROADMAP to Total Health FREEDOM is customized to work for you ..we don't just cover up symptoms...

    we get to the root.

  • Through ongoing personal coaching you will break through barriers that are keeping you from reaching your goals

  • Each session will guide you step by step through a SIMPLE and effective ROADMAP to your success.

I get it, staying healthy and fit in midlife can be overwhelming.

When I first started learning how to lose that stubborn weight and avoid medications in order to be healthy over 40 years ago there was no one to show me the way. It was a long-haul figuring it all out on my own, and then to have to address more complicated health concerns in my 60s , I understand how hard it is to persevere through the struggles and frustration. That’s why I designed The Radiant Health Freedom Method to be everything that you need, especially NOW in this later chapter of life and beyond.

You deserve someone to be your guide and offer a true helping hand

to take you from “diet & doctor frustration”  to being fit, vibrant, and living your life with purpose and FREEDOM .  


We start the journey by shifting our focus from Healthcare DEPENDENCE and a "pill for every ill” mentality to Health FREEDOM through honoring our own innate ability to heal and believing in the power of God's supernatural healing touch. We take responsibility for removing what is harmful and adding what our body, mind and spirit needs to be healthy. Instead of "chasing symptoms" we "listen for signals" and trust our body, our mind and the Holy Spirit's guidance for health and healing. We no longer rely on unnecessary drugs, dangerous injections and other risky conventional medicine approaches to health, healing and longevity.

As we embrace the 7 Keys to Radiant Kingdom Health, we begin to understand God's perspective regarding our health journey. We adopt a Kingdom mindset as we co- create personal ”God - inspired” GOALS and assignments . Only then can we move into our 3 Steps

HEAL THE GUT : Reduce Inflammation &  Improve  Immunity

 The health of your GUT will reveal the health of your entire body. We focus on improving GUT HEALTH to get to the ROOT cause of so many symptoms. By implementing my proven comprehensive 5"R" program we can enhance digestion, absorption, elimination and improve the quality of the "good gut bacteria" necessary to manage weight, improve brain function and more. With a healthy gut, our immune response is better, aches and pains are reduced, energy increases and our weight begins to drop.

HEAL YOUR CELLS: Remove The Toxic Load Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually 

Once we have a firm foundation with a healthy gut, its time to focus on toxin accumulation in our cells. This is a key factor in getting to the root cause of many chronic illnesses and diseases. Our thoughts, beliefs, foods /water we consume and the air we breathe all playa role in toxic overload. In this program we break FREE from thoughts & beliefs that keep us stuck, CLEANSE THE CELLS from both internal and environmental toxins as we embrace healing Kingdom thoughts & beliefs, nutritious foods, targeted supplements and lifestyle choices that enhance the detox process.

We target our bodies main organs of detox, ( liver and kidneys ) and open up the filtering channels to release toxins, reduce body fat, decrease belly bloat & improve overall health.


HEAL YOUR METABOLISM: Balance Hormones  for Health & Longevity

In addition, our HORMONES play a major role in our metabolic response to keep us healthy

whether that's achieving a healthy weight, breezing through menopause, or preventing chronic lifestyle related illness as we age such as heart disease and diabetes. Fat loss continues, blood sugar balances, energy soars, sleep improves, and brain fog fades. when insulin, cortisol, thyroid and other related hormones are balanced. Hair and nails grow stronger and thicker, moods stabilize and food cravings cease.

You begin to crave HEALTHY foods. Weight loss continues or stabilizes as needed by introducing various Fasting options as a lifestyle to enhance metabolism and promote hormonal balance combined with movement designed to reduce body fat and build/maintain muscle mass.


once all 3 Steps above are completed we can then TRANSITION from a state of surviving and following food RULES  & RESTRICTIONS to living in true HEALTH FREEDOM.

Detoxification and Healing now occur naturally on a daily basis without effort . We are able to avoid unnecessary medications by understanding how our symptoms are simply signals our body is sending us. We can confidently eliminate unnecessary medications and implement only basic supplements /foods and lifestyle changes to prevent and /or address any remaining symptoms by using FOOD AS MEDICINE

FREEDOM from routine doctor visits is a part of this TRANSITION. By knowing which blood labs to order , how to order them and how to interpret the results every 6 months is the key to ongoing optimal health...not just the absence of disease. . Know when your condition indicates a need to visit your doctor and when its safe to resolve conditions naturally for prevention of chronic disease and illness.  

FREE yourself from the fear of future pandemics, viruses and bacterial infections by creating a natural "home remedy medicine kit", implementing healthy home cleaning products and using non toxic skin and body care. Know how to improve your immune health naturally for protection from future viral and/or bacterial infections rather than risking the serious side effects of experimental and undocumented drugs and /or injections .

Ready to start feeling awesome, lose weight, and get healthy from the inside out?

Program consists of self-paced educational modules, recipes, meal prep plans, bonuses, supplement discounts and so much more…including weekly group coaching. If you are not sure if this is right for you then schedule your FREE Clarity Call to learn more!

Take the First Step!


and start your journey to RADIANT HEALTH NOW!

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