Growing up, good food was always plentiful in our home and I learned to love cooking, baking, and entertaining from my mother but I also witnessed the pain and struggles she endured with her weight, chronic pain, and multiple prescription medications which led to weight-related illnesses that eventually stole her independence and prevented her from living the life she always wanted.

When I found myself heading down the same path in my early 20s by yo-yo dieting, binge eating, and fixating on the number on the scale... my weight went up and down, my hormones were totally out of balance and I seemed to "catch" every flu bug that came around ... I had to figure out how to turn my health around before it was too late. I vowed at that time to break the generational cycle or I too would struggle with my health, my weight and be on multiple medications for life .

Only through trial and error of every natural remedy I could find, sheer determination, and trust in God’s wisdom did I finally discover the solution. I was able to heal my relationship with food for good, achieve and maintain my ideal weight without dieting, and remain healthy and medication free for decades. As a result I helped hundreds of clients over the years through my physical therapy and nutrition practice to do the same.

But when it came to restoring my health again in my 60s, what worked so well back then simply wasn’t enough this time around.

How a Kingdom Health Approach can change your life the same way it has changed mine...

For an entire year after my son's tragic passing in 2019 , it was all I could do to find my next breath. I began to question my purpose and wanted to quit EVERYTHING.

The thought of a future without the love and laughter that my son brought to every life he touched was beyond bearable at times.

Coupled with the effects of Covid 19 the following year I could feel my energy draining and my light dimming as my health began to slip away with each day that passed. Doctors had no answers for me.

I began to wonder....

Will I ever feel like myself again?

God was my true source of strength and He MORE than answered my prayers when I didn’t have the solution. ..He re-ignited HIS light within me and showed me HIS plan for my health and my future….all in His timing.

God revealed to me 7 Key areas of health based on His Word that I was to address, along with functional medicine approaches to discover the root cause of my symptoms and new strategies to healing I had not yet tried . As my energy returned, my mind became clearer and I emerged from that dark space with a new perspective on my health and a more compassionate heart for others.

God's Kingdom health principles not only were the key to my personal healing but they began to permeate every part of my life and everything I now share with my clients.

In Memory of

Ben Roe 1979--2019

Here's what I learned....

Living in Radiant Health FREEDOM according to God’s plan requires that I honor who I am in HIM and who I was created to be ..body, soul and spirit ... .willing to look deeper for the root cause and not just cover up embrace true HEALTH CARE vs relying on our current SICK CARE model for answers.

Being healthy means more than just the absence of symptoms , disease or seeing the number on the scale move.

When we no longer struggle with low energy, weight issues, aches and pains, and "brain fog", we can be FREE to confidently step into ALL that God STILL has for us and discover what RADIANT health in His Kingdom really looks and feels like.

I am completely confident that if God can transform MY life , He will transform YOURS as well!

We are not promised tomorrow .... so we must live each day as if it were our last with a grateful heart for the gift of life and restored health.

Today I am loving life in my 70's with my husband Don and living in the place we’ve always dreamed of ..near the beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

We enjoy fresh seafood, horse back riding, pickle ball, and time with treasured friends . Best of all we are blessed with family close by and are active in the lives of our grandchildren.

Each day is a new opportunity to CHOOSE JOY and live life with a PASSION that only God can provide.

I am super excited to help YOU Rediscover YOUR radiance ...

the Light that is already within you..

and SHINE it brightly for others!

Matthew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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